Hard Drive Destruction - CDs, DVD, VIdeo Destruction
If you're worried about disposing of old hard drives and other media, we can put your mind at ease. Our destruction service can literally shred your hard drives and media, leaving an unreadable non-reconstructable pile or debris. Totally eliminates any chance of your data being stolen.

Simply erasing or sanitizing your hard drives DOES NOT GUARANTEE that all of your private information is non-retrievable!

Use ShredAway Electronic Recycling and Destruction for total destruction of your
hard drives and media.
Hard Drive Pick-up & Drop-off Program:
ShredAway will make arrangements to pick-up hard drives for customers located in the Chippewa Valley region for a minimum "pick-up" fee. Customers can also "drop-off" the hard drives at the secure ShredAway facility in Eau Claire for no additional cost. We can accommodate hard drive and media destruction projects from any location within North America.

Shred Away records hard drive Serial Numbers and supplies documentation to our customers to meet HIPPA Recording Requirements. Our bar code scanning system makes this fast and accurate.
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Our Drop Off Locations
For document destruction and shredding needs, click here to learn more about our drop off locations.
ShredAway USA - Eau Claire, WI

Please call to set up a time to drop off at our office.

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