ShredAway is the Chippewa Valley's leader in on-site
document management and destruction
ShredAway is a locally owned shredding company that has been servicing the Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls and Western Wisconsin area since 1998. At ShredAway, we make shredding your documents easier by doing it for you, on-site. With ShredAway's mobile shredding service, we shred confidential documents such as paper files, computer printouts, microfilm and microfiche, all types of paper and light plastic folders. Like we mentioned ALL of our shredding is done on-site! There is no need to pre-sort any of your material for shredding either. Staples, paper clips, CD and diskettes do not need to be removed.

Our mobile unit is self-contained, operated by one or two employees, and is comprised of the latest advancement in total efficiency. This shredding unit can shred paper at over 3,800 lbs. per hour. Our semi-automatic curb level feeding insures the highest level of confidentiality. This means our employees don't need to look at your product. You can watch us shred during any point of the destruction. There is absolutely no fear that your billing records, employment information or other sensitive documents might fall into the wrong hands and cause you embarrassment, or worse. We can give peace of mind to you and your employees when it comes to document destruction.

At ShredAway we carry substantial liability insurance and we are bonded. ShredAway has a standard liability insurance in the sum of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) with an additional four million (4,000,000) umbrella to insure all of the operations and responsibilities. When ShredAway is completed shredding your materials, We will provide a certificate of destruction. Each certificate of destruction keeps track of when we were there and how much was shred on-site that visit. All shredded material will be delivered to Waste Management on a daily basis. It is unloaded onto a conveyor and bailed immediately. That in turn will be trucked to a paper recycling plant. Around 17 trees are saved for every ton of 100 percent recycled paper we shred. The resource preservation impacts go far beyond preserving trees.

ShredAway is well positioned to provide you with a quality paper-shredding program, and can provide you with the level of confidentiality you are looking for. Here at ShredAway we believe we have developed a shredding program that will address all your needs! You can be confident it will be done in a neat and efficient manner. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to earning your business and talking with you soon.
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