Chain of Custody!
On-site shredding keeps your Chain of Custody in check.
If you're not sure where/if your shredding is being done. See it ShredAway at your business! With ShredAway you know the document shredding and materials shredding has been done right, because the destruction took place at your doorstep.

There's absolutely no fear that your billing records, employment information or other sensitive documents might fall into the wrong hands and cause you embarrassment, or worse.

Give peace of mind to your employees and your customers that your document destruction
is done ON-SITE!
Benefits of having ShredAway do your shredding for you:
  • Saves time and effort normally spent on manually feeding an in-house shredder
  • No more paper jams or broken shredders
  • All material is securely stored in a locked console - not accessible without a key
  • No need to sort, remove paper clips, staples, or any other type of binding
  • All shredded paper is recycled - not land filled with normal waste
  • Our mobile shredding truck destroys documents on-site for you to witness
  • Regularly scheduled pick-up, quarterly, or once a year purges, we'll suit your needs
Why not shred your own documents? It saves you money, right? Think Again! Consider the "real cost" of doing it yourself.
  • It takes about 20 minutes to destroy 4lbs. (Approximately 1 ream) of paper in a common office shredder. For a $12/hour office employee, this equals about $4/day, or $84/month.
  • Add the payroll taxes for that employee
  • Add the cost of the shredder
  • Add the maintenance of a shredder
  • Factor in the lost productivity for the employee
  • Add the cost of removal of that shredded material
When you add it all up, ShredAway saves you money! And, because our employees are bonded and insured, you can be assured your sensitive material will be destroyed in complete confidentiality according to the law.
Our Drop Off Locations
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Please call to set up a time to drop off at our office.

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